K1 Offset Printing Press

K1 Offset Printing Press

K1 Offset Printing Press
Developer: TriAPrint (www.3a-print.ru)
Platform: FileMaker Pro

K1 system was developed for a Moscow-based printing press. Their core business is design, printing, and post-processing of various advertising and promotion items (booklets, leaflets, catalogues, etc.). The order management application has been in use for over 6 years to process orders from receipt to delivery.

Key system functions and specifications:

  • Creating and editing the Order indicating the production deadline and completion of mandatory fields
  • Order calculation (see below)
  • Printing out of the order hardcopy to be signed by client
  • Appointing a responsible designer / pagemaker to process and prepare the order for printing
  • Planning readiness of the layout and film assembly (a two-week look-ahead)
  • Recording readiness of the layout and film assembly, handover to the printing shop
  • Monitoring procurement (availability) of the paper for order printing
  • Recording printing cycle start and finish times
  • Recording completion of postpress activities
  • Generating a summary report (CEO-level order summary) to reflect current printing press utilization showing completion of each activity per order
  • Maintaining a system of users with different authorization levels and functions (managers, designers, pre-press manager, production manager, superintendent, process engineer, director)
  • Generating an order status report for each user (My Orders)
  • Generating reports for “problematic” orders (rush orders, lack of paper, suspended as unpaid)
  • Maintaining a client database with an option to view all orders placed by a particular client. Calculating order completion statistics for a given period.
  • Recording production errors and rejected items (film assemblies remade, printing rejects, post-press rejects)
  • Optimized for use via a web interface

One of the main system features is clearly defined roles and commitments of all user categories. This allowed timely recording and tracking of the order status at all stages of order processing.

K1 system was designed with a web access option for users. A web interface allows adding new workstations without installing any special software. The only thing you need for that is a web browser. K1 system was developed on FileMaker Pro platform.

Order Cost Calculator

Besides the functions listed above, K1 system includes the order cost calculation option. The printing job cost depends on the quantity, activities performed, correct equipment, and material selection. The unit cost is contingent upon the number of copies, while the cost calculation principles for different activities may vary. Usually print shops use their own calculation policies, but K1 uses a client calculation system. It views each order as an unlimited mix of cost modules depending of the equipment and materials used. For example, a brochure usually includes a book, a cover, and sometimes an insert.