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codeDevelopment of Applications for Printing Shops and Publishing Houses

Can’t remember the exact amount you quoted? Don’t know at what stage the order is now? Actual parameters do not match the purchase order? An unpaid order was sent to execution? Each of your managers has a calculation system “of their own”? The job is being processed, but someone “forgot” to order the paper? Having difficulties planning your workload for the near future?

Work Order Management Systems are the answer to all these challenges. Whether you have a large offset printing facility or a small quick print shop, you need an order accounting system to manage your production processes.

Key functions of a work order management system for a printing business.

Here are the essential must-haves of a Work Order Management System:

  • Creating and editing work orders in the system. Establishing scope of work. Generating a job ticket.
  • Calculating the order price, issuing an invoice.
  • Preparing a material take-off for the job based on available material inventories.
  • Checking completion of individual work stages. Determining the job status (current activity).
  • Generating various reports about the current facilities utilization to plan future operations.
  • Monitoring prepress activities.
  • Maintaining a client and invoicing database, tracking payments for each order.
  • Maintaining a system of users having different levels of authorization and functionalities.

Our Strengths.

While other business applications for printing industry force their own understanding of production and business processes, often at an unreasonably high cost, TriAPrint can provide the Work Order Management System customized to your specific production process.

A customized order accounting and management system is often the best move: it will perfectly suit your production requirements and will be free of unwanted functions. Besides, it will be built upon corporate management and accounting policies that you have already got used to.

With many years of printing and publishing experience, we can speak your language with you. We understand the specifics of this industry, its equipment and processes. This gives us a deep insight into the client expectations and requirements, and ensures fast-track application development.

We use FileMaker, a leading platform for development of various SME business applications. FileMaker’s key advantage is its unprecedented speed of application development and flexibility: changes can be introduced literally “on the go”. Faster development means lower costs for the client. For more details about FileMaker, go to “Why FileMaker” page or read our news feed.

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