Job Management System in Febri Print Shop

Job Management System in Febri Print Shop

Job Management System in Febri Print Shop
Developer: TriAPrint (
Platform: FileMaker Pro
Development Date: Q1 2012

A job management system for Febri, a Moscow-based offset printing house. The company core business is printing and post-print processing of catalogs, brochures, and various promotion items. The application is successfully used to calculate the costs and manage job orders from booking all the way through issuing of deliverables to clients.

Key system functions and specifications:

  • Calculating order costs and maintaining the calculations database. Printed sheet layout wizard
  • Creating and editing the Job Order based on the calculation
  • Maintaining the client database with an option to view all orders and calculations completed for a particular client
  • Preparing material (paper) take-offs and generating material purchase orders
  • Checking paper in stock – management of ordered and received materials
  • Printing out the order in hardcopy (job sheet)
  • In-process control of the job execution. Recording start/finish time of each activity
  • Recording readiness of layout and printing plates and status of their handover to the printing press
  • Generating facility utilization report per order and per activity
  • Planner. Queue activities per type
  • Generating production financial reports to monitor managers’ performance
  • Maintaining a system of users with different authorization levels and functions
  • Generating an order status report for each manager (My Orders)
  • Automatic monitoring of job order handover to production, order suspension for different reasons (paper out of stock, payment not received, printing plates not ready)
  • Maintaining a client database with an option to view all orders placed by a particular client

One of the application’s special features is the order cost calculation. The next generation system is able to calculate the cost of orders of any complexity. The calculator handles each order as an unlimited mix of different production activities (printing, cutting, binding, etc.). The activity types are defined when the system is set up and can be enhanced or re-defined by the user.