Branan Business Management and Planning Application

Branan Business Management and Planning Application

Branan Business Management and Planning Application
Client: Branan consulting firm
Developer: TriAPrint (
Development platform: FileMaker Pro
Development date: Q4 2012

Client Profile

Branan is an independent consulting firm. It offers services in the field of business strategy, corporate restructuring, business optimization, investment attraction consulting, marketing research, innovation and investment management. The clients include major Russian companies.

The key objectives are to maintain the company project database, generate project budgets, and enable project budget control through employee time management.

Key System Functions and Specifications:

  • Contractors database management (organizations and contact persons)
  • Maintaining a database of company employees and system users with different authorization levels and functions
  • Projects database, project classification, file storage
  • Project budgeting based on the planned resources (personnel engaged and expected man-hours)
  • Generating requests to engage project staff and set tasks for employees
  • Planning work time and distribute workload among employees based on the supervisor’s requests
  • Task description and execution
  • Calculating the actual budget performance based on the actual man-hours spent to perform the tasks
  • Generating a project status report for a specific period
  • Reporting employee workload for a specific period

The project budget is planned in view of the expected workload per each staff position. In the course of execution, the project manager generates requests for appropriate personnel, and corresponding tasks are automatically set for each employee. Each user sees their list of current tasks and can access the archived completed tasks. Time spent on a task is allocated to the project budget as soon as the task is completed. In this way, the actual project budget is calculated and a personnel performance report is generated.