Architects Project Budgeting Application

Architects Project Budgeting Application

Architects Project Budgeting Application
Client: Т+Т Architects architectural firm
Developer: TriAPrint (
Development Platform: FileMaker Pro
Development Date: Q1 2013
Additional Modules. Q3 2015

Architects Project Budgeting System was developed specifically for a Moscow architectural firm that works both in architectural engineering and interior design.

Key system functions and specifications:

  • Partners database (organizations and contact persons) – customers, vendors, contractors
  • Maintaining a database of company employees and system users with different authorization levels and functions
  • Project budgeting
  • Project scope definition
  • Project budget definition
  • Planning the employees workload, estimating planned personnel costs. Calculating cost and final price
  • Project risk analysis and contingency cost estimation
  • Subcontracting: record subcontractor quotes, select bid winners based on pre-set system criteria
  • Generating a project commercial proposal in PDF format specifying the scope of work, project milestones, contract price
  • Project follow-up and reporting
  • Project milestones
  • Invoicing and payment control
  • Registering incoming (from clients) and outgoing (project costs, overheads) payments
  • Issuing certificates of completion for the project activities
  • Maintaining a database of invoices, payments, certificates of completion
  • Monitoring current account balance
  • Logging man-hours distributed across active projects
  • Generating timesheets
  • Reporting actual man-hours
  • Reporting project execution status
  • Generating annual payment planning report

In 2015, T+T Architects expanded operations, and its information system had to be upgraded. The following modules were added:

  • Commitments (employees tasks)
  • Task calendar
  • Org chart (corporate organization tree)
  • Gantt chart showing project milestones and employee workload
  • Employee attendance schedule (vacations, business trips, sick leaves, etc.)