Globus Requisition Management Application

Globus Requisition Management Application

Globus Requisition Management Application
Client: Globus international hypermarket chain
Developer: TriAPrint (
Development platform: FileMaker Pro

Client profile: Globus is an international hypermarket chain with stores in Germany, Czech Republic, and Russia. As of the system development date, there were eleven HyperGlobus hypermarkets in several Russian cities.

Globus Information System is used to handle internal requisitions and covers several corporate business units. The system is used daily by hypermarkets employees, coordination office staff, and chain partners (suppliers and service providers). There are over 800 users registered in the system. Several types of requisitions are processed and executed by different departments.

  • Requisitions to technical procurement department
  • Production service requisitions
  • Non-production service requisitions
  • Technical service requests
  • Punch list items processing

Requestors create requisitions and check their status their via a web interface using FileMaker WebDirect technology (formerly IWP). The coordination office staff use FileMaker Pro to process requisitions via the main system interface.

Key System Functions and Specifications:

  • Catalog of suppliers with contact details
  • Merchandise catalog with key specifications, images, files, and vendor prices. Criteria-based merchandise search.
  • Vendor price lists.
  • Maintaining a database of the company employees and system users with different levels of authorization and functions.
  • Generating purchase orders with an option to select from the merchandise catalog.
  • Generating service requests.
  • Generating technical service support requests.
  • Generating punch lists.
  • Follow-up on requests through the approval stages with appropriate user rights verification (each user authorizes the request at his/her stage). Users receive e-mail notifications.
  • Notification of the “dedicated” vendors.
  • Personal accounts for vendors.
  • Maintaining a request database and retrieval of requests.
  • Generating request-based bills of materials for vendor activities.
  • Tracking payment and delivery as per bills of materials, tracking undelivered goods (due from vendors).
  • Generate a store budget in the form of a list of merchandise to be purchased, required quantity and prices with cost items allocation.
  • Reporting system (performance against budget, procurement report, accounts and payments report).

The system is constantly evolving. New modules are being implemented: permitting control and preventive maintenance control.